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Changelog 11/5/2020

Every Monday we post a changelog showing the changes that happened to the server during the past week. These updates usually dont warrant a full post on their own. Want to know what the daily changes are? We post any changes as they happen on our discord server.

Since this is the first changelog posted to the website, we’ve included every change we’ve made since the server launched 2 weeks ago. Going forward, updates will just include the last week.

  • DynMap is up, and can be accessed from
  • Theres a new kit when you spawn that grants starter tools, food, and a claim shovel. If you joined before this kit was added, you can get it free once by using /kit starter
  • I’ve added a couple villagers to the general store that have trades available
    • These trades will change occasionally so check back to see if they have what you need
  • You can now /vote for the server. Just do /vote in game. 1 emerald per vote. Emeralds can be traded with villagers at spawn.
  • More CPU cores added
  • Players can now user /playtime to track their own play time and the playtime leaderboards
  • Players can now hire villagers to sell their products for them at /warp marketplace
  • Teleport cooldowns adjusted
  • You can now refer players to the server using the /refer command
    • If someone new joins the server and uses the command within an hour of joining the server, you both get 10 diamonds.
    • Refer 5 people to the server? Get an extra 10 diamonds
    • 10 people? 25 diamonds
  • Citizen Rank Added. Want more features? Spend 10 hours on the server and youll earn the citizen rank
    • This rank will grant bonuses, right now that includes the ability to hire 5 villagers instead of 1.
    • 5 sethomes instead of 1
    • the ability to mine spawners
    • and the ability to transfer your XP to bottles through /xp
  • /report command added to report unruly players on the server
  • Made it so only 1 player needs to sleep for day to return
  • Made it so when your tool is at 2% you get a ping notifying you
  • Player heads now drop when killed
  • Fixed /kit starter. Its a 1 time use. You get it when you join the server and you can use it once more after that
  • Multiple (8 as of writing) new villager shops have been added to spawn
  • Spawn rates adjusted
    • animals now spawn more often and in higher numbers
    • less monsters will spawn at a time
  • Directional signs added at spawn.
    • Floating text shows points of interest and helpful information around spawn
  • When you leave/enter spawn a title shows up in the middle of your screen.
  • Being in spawn now heals 10 food points and 20 health points. The rate is 2 points per second.
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