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Welcome to ZephCraft!

I just wanted to make a post to officially welcome every one to ZephCraft! To those of you who have played on servers of mine in the past, to brand new players in the community, we’re excited to have you aboard.

Our goal with ZephCraft is to cultivate a great community of players who are passionate about survival minecraft and love to express their creativity. We’ve brought a beautiful epic world generator to our server to create beautiful landscapes to allow you to create truly beautiful creations.

We’ll continue to update the server over time with new features, cities and locations to explore, and seasonal events! Each seasonal event will give you the opportunity to participate in a fun event and earn rewards at the same time.

We’re also working on ways to reward our players just for playing on the server. We’ve already introduced 1 free rank and we plan to introduce a second free rank. We may in the future offer a paid rank but at this time our focus is on creating a great community of players. You can read more about our decision not to do paid ranks here.

If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions, or anything else, feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you’re thinking! Or better yet, jump in the discord and join the conversation there!

We can’t wait to see you online!

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