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1.16 Upgrade Information

Wellllll it’s that time again. Minecraft Update time!!

1.16 Pre-Release Beta 2 dropped yesterday which means we are pretty close to getting a full version out. Mojang has said they want to have it out by End of June but it is looking like we are less then a week out.

I wanted to come and let you know about our 1.16 plans so you can be in the know with everything.

When 1.16 drops, you will immediately be able to connect to the server with your 1.16 client. So if you upgrade your game, dont worry, just hop into the server and start playing! BUT, the server will still be running 1.15.2

We want to upgrade as quickly as possible but we need to make sure that all of the features and plugins that we have setup on 1.15 will work on 1.16, so that might take some time. I’m hoping that the server can be switched over to 1.16 by end of June. That would be great! But I’ll keep you guys updated in Discord on the status of that.

With 1.16 there’s also the great possibility that we will see an influx in players returning to the game. Hopefully we can use this as an opportunity to grow our community. So if you see a new face on the server, make sure to say hello and let them know they are welcome here.

Regarding the Nether

We’ll be resetting the nether back to vanilla once 1.16 comes out. Since it is the Nether update…it’s going to be a popular place and we want to make sure we give everyone the opportunity to explore it. We’ll provide more info on when the nether will get reset and give you a heads up, but don’t start any giant builds in the nether any time soon…

That’s all! We’re excited about 1.16 and can’t wait to get started!

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