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Farming Update

I had mentioned this update a long time ago and finally got around to finishing it up. This update allows you to create automated farms that you can level up.

* Get started by doing /farm get

* This will give you a special end-rod that is the centre of your automated farm. Place this end-rod down in the centre of where you want your farm to be.

* Your farm will be created with a radius of 1 (8 blocks of tilled soil). Plant whatever crops you would like to grow here.

* By default your farm has an hour of charge time, this can be increased with bonemeal (more on that later)

* Your farm will automatically grow your crops and farm them. You can right click your end-rod to see the farm storage of all the harvested crops. You can also attach a hopper to this end-rod to send your crops to a chest. * Left click your end-rod to get access to your farms settings. Here you can edit things like your farms levels, who has access to your farm, and the re-charge screen.

* In the first row you will see upgrade icons. Use these to upgrade the speed, radius and storage capacity of your farm.

* On the bottom row you can edit who has access to your farm. When you create a farm, your farm is automatically protected meaning you don’t need to have a Land created, it has its own protection. But if you chose to have your farm in an existing Land, you can restrict who has access to your farm if you want them to have access to the rest of your base.

* You can also edit the roles the same way you do Lands * On the bottom row you also see the recharge icon. Click this to open the recharge screen. Here you can deposit bonemeal to extend the fuel time of your farm. The more bonemeal you add, the longer your farm can run autonomously.

To start, farms will be limited like this:

1 – Default

5 – Citizen

10 – Subs

This may change at a later date. Creating a farm costs $1500 Spinels, and upgrade costs vary. All the pricing will be detailed in the future Wiki article. I’ll be releasing a subsequent update shortly to allow spinels to be attached to your player account (virtual currency instead of physical currency) and I will provide a method for depositing your physical Spinels to your account. This will be the first step to a larger economy update.

Also you can still farm the vanilla way if you choose. This system is only for automating farms.

A new NPC has appeared at Spawn. He will take your Spinels and deposit them to your account. The “trade” is 1 for 1. You can check your balance of virtual Spinels with /spinels You can use this to deposit spinels onto your account for usage with the Farms feature. We’ll also add other ways to spend your spinels.[11:59 PM]Spinel Pricing will start to be inflated so adjust your pricing in marketplace shops accordingly.

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