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Community Update

Hey gang!

Wanted to pop on to address a few things. There have been some concerns lately about the pace that we are releasing updates, and the severity of the changes. So we’re gonna go through this in a bit of depth to explain where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going.

Topic 1: The Market

A) Shopkeepers are currently disabled due to an issue that we have been aware of for a while, that is taking longer than expected to fix. The greatest feature that is preventing our shop keepers from operating how they should, is the custom enchants. These are two different mods made by two different developers, that both affect villagers in various ways. When you start changing and re-coding villagers with two different systems, there are bound to be issues. We have a new system that we believe will mitigate some of the existing issues, while moving away from standard trader GUI. This is because using the Vanilla trader GUI is an extremely difficult task.

B) Seems that there is some concern that the new Auction House is going to make the Player shops obsolete. We want to emphasize that this feature was a Player Suggested feature that received 0 downvotes. As we see it, this feature is something that players wanted, because of their reaction to the topic in #suggestions. Therefore Red spent time to seek out a feature, and implement it in conjunction with our already existing Player Shops. The main use for the Auction House will be for new players to sell individual items as one time sales, without the hassle of setting up a large shop with chests full of items connected to shopkeepers. Quick and easy sales for one-off items (custom swords, bows, Gapples etc.) It is for players who are new to the server and haven’t quite reached the playtime requirement to build a shop in the player market. It allows fresh spawns to generate Spinnels, with the few items they have on hand.(edited)

C) Spinnels have been, and will continue to be the servers currency. It is a centralized system that any player can utilize. You earn them for participating in events, selling items, killing mobs, and simply existing (Hourly Spinnel reward.) Just because the system exists, doesn’t necessarily mean you are required to utilize it. If you wish to do all your dealings in Diamonds/Emeralds, you are free to do those dealings in private with players. If you want to trade 3 chicken eggs for 10 diamond blocks, you are free to do so

But if you wish to use the server provided trade system that automates your trading, whether it is Friday evening at 6pm, or Monday morning at 4am while you are fast asleep, you will need to either offer items in return for spinnels, or spinnels in return for items.

Topic 2: Lands

A) Lands is the feature that replaced the previous claim system. This system may seem a bit out of place at the moment, with features that are a bit confusing and, maybe even non-functional (war system). We decided to implement this system recently to acclimate you all ahead of time while we prepare for the V2 launch this summer (alongside the release of 1.17.) When V2 launches, this system will come into full force, and will work alongside the market place as a resource for Spinnels, and a way to collaborate with other players on large builds via the nations feature. The greatest reason for this change was the increase in player control and customization. But with larger customization, comes a larger responsibility and amount of care required by the players. This feature is quite similar to a “factions” system where you can partner with nearby villages/outposts to create larger areas of control. We want to encourage players to collaborate on projects together, rather than live 10,000 blocks apart and see each other only in common areas like the marketplace.The Lands system lets you control how much access certain players have to your claim. you can turn on/off a visitors ability to pull levers, pour water into your land, and activate pressure plates, among many other things. This allows you to customize your land in ways that the previous system couldn’t. With the previous system, either a player was trusted and had almost full access, or the weren’t trusted and they had no access at all. This is a happy medium that we think will, in the long term, prove to be a much more efficient and user friendly experience.

B) The Chunk Based claim system has been an overall success, with the exception of the marketplace. This was a minor oversight on our part when implementing the new system, and we ask dearly for your forgiveness. But I would also like to remind you that I, Lotus, am available to move your buildings so that your chunks don’t overlap with other user’s claims. I have moved my own shop to open up the area a bit, but I haven’t recieved any requests from other players to move their shops. Please, if you are having issues with overlap, reach out and request my assistance

Topic 3: Future Updates & Bug fixes

A) We would like to remind you that we have a #suggestions tab that we encourage all users to utilize. This is a place for you to suggest changes, additions, removals etc. of features and systems. When you submit a suggestion, there is a “Up” vote and a “Down” vote that lets users know how you feel about each suggestion. If nobody downvotes a feature, it is our understanding that it is a common agreement of most players that the feature is accepted. Thus, presenting the staff the opportunity to either provide reasons as to why we will, or won’t be implementing the feature. If you look in the #suggestion-logs tab, you can see previously suggested features with either a “accepted” response, or “rejected” response from Red or myself with an explanation to support the decision. This is your strongest tool for shaping the server, and we want you to use it! It helps us understand your wants and needs.

B) Tickets are your key way to let the staff know of an issue. If you notice something functioning incorrectly, or have run into a bug with a system, please use the #tickets feature to get in touch. My Dm’s are open for support and quick questions, but we ask that you open a ticket so that we can better track issues. We occasionally see people saying things in chat such as “This is still broken? what’s taking so long” when, in fact we are unaware of the issue because no-one has entered a ticket to notify us of the issue. Tickets will expedite the process and allow us to track progress/recreate the issues. C) When we implement new features such as the land/pwarp plugins, we set limits of use based upon your current rank (5 pwarps for citizens, 10 for titans, etc.) If you feel that these limits are too small and don’t allow you to play without frustration, please reach out. When we first launched the lands update Red set base limits for the number of chunks that a user could claim. through testing and player feedback, we came to the realisation that these limits were far too small. So we increased them. This knowledge was brought to us through the ticket feature. If you just complain in chat and don’t inform us of your discomforts via the ticket system, it may take much longer for issues to resolve.

We are a small team here. Co-operation, communication and patience are the greatest things that will help this server thrive. @RedZephon is the one and only person that works on updates/features/bug fixes. He works multiple jobs, is in college, and, oddly enough, requires sleep for some reason. @Meretrix82 , @SublimeRT, and myself are all here for you assistance, and we ask that, when you have an issue, you bring it up with one of us, before calling out for Red. He is here to provide Development and systematic support. Mere, Sub, and I are here to provide Quality of life and player support. We hear your frustrations, and we see your calls. But we can’t spend all day perusing the chat logs to see that you are having an issue with a feature. Reach out so that you are heard clearly! If you are having issues learning how to use a feature, you are allowed to ask one of the mods/another player, but we also want to remind you that we have a large wiki page ( that covers many of the topics you may have issues with. It is your greatest resource for information and will most likely have an in-depth explanation of what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and we hope that it finds you well. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on the topics listed above, or, if you’re lonely and just want to chat. Covid has had a large impact on us all and we want this community to feel accepting and welcoming in a time were we are all separated. The server is here to provide a fun, relaxing environment that allows you to escape the world’s issues.


Lotus & Team

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