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Getting started on ZephCraft is easy. When you first join the server, you’ll appear in our spawn village. Here you can find villagers to trade with, and other essential Minecraft services like enchantment tables, anvils, and more. You’ll also spawn with a starter kit. This kit includes tools to get you going, a little bit of food, and a golden shovel. The golden shovel is essential to claiming a piece of land and keeping out unwanted visitors. While griefing on this server is not allowed, claiming your land helps keep unwanted visitors away.

If you happen to die before you can get yourself up and running, you can obtain a replacement starter kit using the command /kit starter. But beware, this command has a one-time use, so use it wisely.

You’ll want to exit spawn in order to find a place to build. You can try to walk out, or take a boat out, but for those that quickly want to find a place to build, you can use the /wild command. This will randomly teleport you somewhere in the world. The command is smart enough to avoid land claims, so don’t worry about dropping in to someones house. This command has a 2 minute cool-down, so if you don’t like the spot you end up in, take that opportunity to gather some resources before trying again.


When you join the server you’ll be given a golden shovel. You’ll use this to claim land on the server. Don’t worry if you lose it, you can craft a new one later. Any old golden shovel will work.

The video below shows you the process to establish a claim, but it’s pretty simple. Right click 2 corners of the land of you want to claim. You’ll get a message in chat letting you know it was successful, and you’ll be able to see a visual representation of your claim as well.

If you want to make your claim bigger, you can do so by right clicking on the corner of your claim and then choosing the new corner to resize it.

You’ll start off with 200 claim blocks when you first join. And with every hour you spend on the server, you’ll earn an additional 100 claim blocks.

You can give certain people partial or full access to your claims. You can allow people to interact with doors, open chests, ride animals, or have full access if you want to play co-operatively. You can view all these commands on our commands page.


ZephCraft doesn’t implore the “traditional server economy.” Instead of a virtual currency, our currency is based off emeralds, just like vanilla Minecraft. We know the importance of setting up shops to trade/buy/sell so we’ve created the ability to hire villagers to handle this for you.

Buying/Selling/Trading is done at the worlds marketplace. You can get here by using the warp /warp marketplace. Once here, you can build your shop. It can be a grand building, or a small hut. The choice is yours. Once your building is ready, it’s time to hire a villager. Right near the spawn point you’ll find a villager selling create shop tokens. These tokens are what you use establish a shop. They cost 10 emeralds each. Once you have a token, right click in the air to get your shop creation tools.

Buying Shop // Exchange emeralds for items

Selling Shop // Exchange items for emeralds

Trading Shop // Exchange items for other items

You’ll need to link a chest nearby. This chest holds the stock for your trades. Once your stock runs out, the trade becomes inactive until you restock

Once your villager has been created, shift+right click to edit the trades and settings. You can change the name of the villager, and the look of your villager. You’ll also use this screen to set your trades. Once your trades are set you can exit this screen.

When a player right clicks your villager, the behaviour is the same as vanilla villagers. The traded items will be given to you when the player confirms the trade.


Referring members to the server is a great way to help the community grow, and also get free rewards. All you have to do is invite someone to join, and run the /ref <player> command. Once the person you’ve invited joins the server, they’ll need to run /refaccept. Once this is complete, both of you will receive your rewards.

Both the new player, and the person who referred will get 10 diamonds.

Players who refer 5 players will get an extra 10 diamonds (for a total of 60 diamonds received) and players who refer 10 players receive an extra 25 diamonds.